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The Apple Farm is just the back-to-school juice you need

The Apple Farm is just the back-to-school juice you need

Ever since we got the campervan we’ve been coming here, the silence singing inside our heads, soothingly whispering sweet nothings that seduce us to return for a sojourn in an orchard where we can all be children again, if only for the weekend.

The swallows return here every year. So do we. For us it’s become a pre-back-to-school ritual punctuating the year and signalling the onset of autumn and mothballing of many of the campsites again until spring.

But with the apple harvest still in full flow and the swallows still nesting in the eves of the barn as they flit in and out of the deliberately ajar door there’s still some faint hope that this soggy summer may have yet another yard or two in it. Like the swallows, we too are recharging our batteries for the journey into winter. For them there’s plenty in the larder here to replenish for the long flight ahead. We are stocking up too, in this tranquil sanctuary with lots of food for swallows, food for the soul, food for thought. Soon the swallows will take flight. Time flies.

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The Apple Farm is just the back-to-school juice you need to face the winter, with the reassurance that we will always return to recharge and the promise that next time we’ll make more time, stay a little longer, stretch out the summer, for time flies.

Ever since we got the campervan we’ve been coming here, the silence singing inside our heads, soothingly whispering sweet nothings that seduce us to return for a sojourn in an orchard where we can all be children again, if only for the weekend.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s the secret of The Apple Farm’s appeal for there’s no waterpark here, no pub, or fancy food, beaches, or stunning seascapes. Nothing really. Not a sound usually. A gentle breeze, as the sun sets behind the trees, a tractor chugging as workers set forth into this forest of apples, on another expedition deep into the mysterious parallel rows of apple trees, rabbits barely fussed to mind out of the way.

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We are all just hanging out here. The campers, the workers, the rabbits, the swallows and the two resident donkeys, sharing the moment, sharing the sanctuary of the The Apple Farm before we all go our separate ways at the end of another harvest, enough apples to keep us going ‘till next year.

The Apple Farm is here in Tipperary since 1968 or so. Many of the buildings and barns are of that vintage, still sturdy, strong and spotlessly clean. Old school standards at The Apple Farm on about 40 acres and just as many varieties of apples which make for much of the produce and products in the farm shop – apple juices, jellies and jams, crispy cider and crisps, yes apple crisps, made on site and the ones drizzled in chocolate are irresistible. There are also strawberries, raspberries, cherries and plums and apple tarts on Saturdays.

There’s plenty to explore in the locality if you can ever pull yourself away from the serenity on site with nearby castles, mountains and waterways not far down the road in Cahir, Cashel, Clonmel and Carrick-on-Suir.

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The services and facilities here are basic, but always well maintained, constantly cleaned and with a friendly nudge towards environmental considerations and enthusiastic recycling. Plenty of sinks, showers and space in the campers common room and kitchen areas, and you got to love that clothes ringing contraption, a mangle for those who prefer the physical charm of doing it yourself.

There’s a small playground and tennis court, a piano, in keeping with the atmosphere of The Apple Farm, a non-judgemental piano, and just as well…

Like the swallows, we’ll be back!

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An update on dogs

Every time we post about The Apple Farm the issue of dogs not being permitted is invariably mentioned. And while the ‘no dogs allowed’ rule still applies in general, there is an interesting concession in recent times where pets are allowed by pre-arrangement in the off-peak season, usually May or September, on request. There were a few dogs on site on this occasion, all well behaved and on leads.

The tariffs here are also extremely competitive and fair in my view, in particular for the solo camper as the charges are per person rather than by motorhome or tent – and it is a great spot also for tents.

It’s €9.50 per adult, €6.50 per child (u/12) and €3.50 for EHU per night. There are no other fees, or charges for showers and all other facilities are included. The Apple Farm remains open for camping until September 30th.

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