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Loop Head to Lahinch – 24 hours in Clare – a photo essay

Loop Head to Lahinch – 24 hours in Clare – a photo essay

A full house at Lahinch as the bus bays are temporarily commandeered in the absence of coach tours. It does go to illustrate the demand for Aire type facilities at such popular locations.

There is plenty to see along this rugged and dramatic stretch of coastline. On a splendidly sunny day on the last day of summer you could see all the way to Kerry.

The Loop Head lighthouse is closed for renovations and there are no facilities at the car park there or at the Bridges of Ross, which seems popular for diving enthusiasts.

It was delightful to see a pod of dolphins making their way slowly along the shoreline, a few seals even popped up their curious heads.

Loop 2BBridges 2Bof 2BRoss

Kilkee was thronged but something said the Victorian seaside resort is but a shade of its former self, although still a destination for many families and swimmers. Can’t understand why the public toilets had not even a wash hand basin or soap, nothing, so much for hygiene and of course not even a cold shower for kids to wash the sand off their feet along the beach.

Lots of camping options and possibilities along this stretch, including an interesting looking place perched up on the corner at White Strand between Spanish Point and Lahinch. Will definitely return to give that a go. Anyone ever been there?

Lahinch was buzzing on Sunday evening. The prom was full of walkers and the surf schools were busy in the water, while the last day of the August on Monday the temperature reading on Looney’sgable hit 21 degrees, and there was a run on ice cream cones.

Randaddy’sprovided a good option for an evening bite to eat out on its deck, while we opted for our own ‘hard rock’ café and ‘hot rock‘ steaks before departing on Monday.

Lahinch 2BHot 2BRock 2BCafe
Lahinch 2BRandaddy 2527s

Credit where it’s due, the Lahinch prom had plenty of bins which were being regularly emptied and maintained; while dog walkers mostly cleaned up after their mutts. There are two showers installed for bathers and surfers next to the lifeguard hut, a most welcome development. And Lahinch has a great playground which is always a hit with the kids.

Thanks to hosting the Irish Open Golf last year, Lahinch has a modern toilet block which was being diligently inspected and restocked with hand wash and supplies and great to see that it was spotless, with lots of sinks and hot water. A pity that it’s closed up in the evenings while the promenade is still thronged with families.

An interesting side-effect of the Covid scenario is that in the absence of coach tours there is more space for touring campers in the bus bays, in addition to the five designated motorhome spots already in place. It was a full house on Sunday, illustrating the demand that is there for such a facility.

It would be good if Lahinch took the next step and put in place proper Aire type services such as those in Cobh and Bantry and elsewhere.


Lahinch 2Bfamily 2Bfun
Lahinch 2Bkayla
Lahinch 2Bmeditation
Lahinch 2Bsunsetting
Lahinch 2Bsurfers 2Bview
Lahinch 2Bsurf 2Bschool
Loop 2BHead 2BBridges
Loop 2BHead 2Bmore
Loop 2BHead
Looper 2Bbinocs
Looper 2Bheadland
Looper 2Bloook 2Bout
Loop 2BHead 2BDiving
Loop Head Driving
Loop 2BHead 2BKerry 2BView
Loop 2BHead 2BMotif

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John Whelan is a vastly experienced midlands based journalist and editor who has contributed extensively to the country's leading national and regional titles, as well as broadcast outlets. He runs the media services company, Communicate Ireland John is a keen camping and campervan enthusiast with an interest in music, culture, heritage and outdoor pursuits. He has written for the Sunday Times, Sunday Independent and the Woman's Way on these topics. He is also an author, and his latest book, The Last Beekeeper, reflects his love of nature, the landscape and our shared responsibility to protect the environment. The Last Beekeeper is available to preview and purchase at Safe travels...

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“You write a brilliant account of your trip and the photos are fantastic. I know this area and it really is as you say”
– Rachella O’Donnell
“The Vanhalla blog is well worth reading for the pictures alone”
– Jim McCormick, Total Motorhome Ireland

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Vanhalla2 weeks ago
For me, the campervan and surfing 🏄‍♂️ 🌊 have always gone hand in hand. There's a great crossover from campervan culture with surfing, the roadtrip, the open road, and the sense of anticipation of what the day might bring, what the ocean might have in store...not to mention the great people you meet and great places you discover, lifelong connections...
Other than quitting smoking (40 Lucky Strikes-a-day-man) surfing (and the campervan) are the best decisions I ever in terms of health and well-being...
I'm not a great surfer or even a good swimmer and have enrolled for improver lessons in the @portlaoise_leisure_centre
However, I really love the surfing and have never gotten out of the water that I didn't feel better, totally stoked and thrilled with myself if I managed to catch a 4ft swell... and massive respect and admiration to those riding the 40ft monsters at Mullagmore and The Cliffs, I'm in awe of their courage and athleticism... go safely.
There's something about an early morning start in the dark and the sense of wonder as you hit the road for Lahinch or elsewhere. Immerse yourself in the moment just chatting to yourself and the waves, the beaming smile when you catch a good one, a hot shower @benssurfclinic
Totally wiped out and exhausted, looking forward to a pint and fodder in the taverns of this seaside town, our LA, mulling over how glad I am to have bought my fire engine 9'6" Beach Beat board by Chopps from Tom at @lahinchsurfshop a few years back now...
I'm not going to get surfing this weekend, but I'm constantly thinking of the next time and how I'm going to try to be better at it, working on my paddle, finding my sweet spot, pop-up, composure in the water...
I feel better even thinking, daydreaming about it... have a great weekend, and I hope you too find your sweet spot 😊 #SurfCity #surfing #sweetspot #LAhinch #campervanadventures #campervanculture #roadtrip #Vanhalla #campervanlifestyle #CamperHeaven Discover Ireland @vanderlust_ltd @kennysbar @frawleysbarlahinch @vaughansontheprom @lahinchsurfshop @benssurfclinic @lahinchleisurecentre @lahinchsurfschool @lahinchsurfexperience @visitclare @visitnorthclare @hugos_lahinch @dodicafe @randaddys @saunasuaimhneas @tourismireland @thewildatlanticway @wildatlanticwayclare @juliaslobstertruck

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