A beautiful sunny day by the seaside in Tramore

Lá brea cois farraige a bhí ann.
A beautiful sunny day by the seaside. The simple childish delight of it all.

A flashback to boyhood family trips squashed and squeezed into the back seat of my father’s black Anglia and later on the deep purple Ford Cortina. Dozens of ham sandwiches, flasks of piping hot tea and flagons of thirst quenching Cidona on hand to last a fortnight for fear we’d get stranded and us steps-of-stairs kids only carnivorously craving candy-floss and ice cream cones and we’d gladly feed those sand speckled sandwiches from the plaid blanket to the equally ravenous seagulls so as to justify our qualification for a 99. Maybe that’s where all the trouble with gulls these days started. Bad habits and all that. But we are all grown up now and so too is Tramore, An Trá Mhór, the great strand, all sensible and sophisticated, sticking out its chest, rightly proud of its 5km Blue Flag beach.

I rediscovered Tramore about 15 years ago when I first took up surfing and lessons at…

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