Endless summer on the Great Ocean Road

One of my favourite shirts in a wardrobe quiver of holiday attire I bought some years ago in Laguna Beach on a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Diego. ‘TheEndless Summer’ it has emblazoned in brazen red embroidery across the back. More a forlorn sentiment than any real statement of intent, claiming the spirit of the iconic 1966 surf film of the same name.
Endless summer. Dream on. But when a generous invitation came to visit family in Melbourne after Christmas, it was too good an opportunity to be spurned. The height of the summer Down Under summoned. Soaring temperatures, rays on your face, the sun on your back in the middle of January, what’s there to think about? Turns out that this chance-in-a-lifetime was to throw up so many unexpected delights and delicacies that it would shoot straight to the top of the charts as the trip of a lifetime. One of the unexpected and unforeseen bonuses was a short but sweet excursion along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. W…

Dunfanaghy and the weekend you never want to end